Gratitude through Humility

Tonight the teacher was a student.

I went to the gym specifically to do an arm workout and then I decided to take a yoga class first. I told myself, I don’t know what I would do if I took a class with a teacher who didn’t deliver what I expected out of the class.

Within the first 5 minutes my ego started whispering “Here we go” “it’s one of those classes”. In that moment I had two choices to make, pick up my mat and walk out or release the ego. I decided to let the ego melt into my mat and honor where I was, as well as the teacher and her style of teaching.

Not everyone is going to meet your expectations when it comes to yoga especially after you become a teacher, but a big part of yoga is that we are all students of the practice. I accepted the teacher and her class with gratitude and humility and enjoyed myself and proceeded to my killer arm and shoulder workout.

Have you ever encountered a similar situation? Comment below and share your story.



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