Yoga Has Something for Everyone

Many people think of yoga simply as a series of exercises to help keep the body healthy. But yoga asana, the physical practice of yoga through various postures, is only one portion of yoga. The practice of yoga is not only external. It is also internal, dealing with the mind. Yoga has brought millions of people wonderful benefits such as healthy bodies, calmer minds and happier dispositions.

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root yuj, which means to yoke, bind, or direct one’s concentration fully to something. Yoga has been around for thousands of years. It is a method of systematically cleansing, balancing and strengthening the body, mind and intellect.

All generations and fitness levels can practice yoga. There are various styles of yoga and levels, do not be discouraged or think yoga is not for you.

Here are some of the key advantages of practicing yoga:

Yoga for balance, strength and flexibility: Yoga asana stretches your muscles and improves muscle tone. Improving flexibility and muscle strength helps prevent injury.

Yoga for posture: Inflexibility and imbalances in muscle groups can lead to poor posture. When you are stronger and more flexible, your posture improves.

Yoga for breathing and mood support: Yoga involves paying attention to your breath while you move in and out of postures. This helps prevent injury and is a form of moving meditation, calming the mind and boosting one’s mood. It also helps improve stress, anxiety and depression.

Yoga for cardiovascular health: Several studies have shown that yoga can lower blood pressure, cholesterol and resting heart rates.

Source: Seattle PI

About the Contributor:


Giesel was born and raised in Dangriga Town in Belize, Central America and is now a Houston, Texas based yoga instructor with a passion for holistic health and nutrition, and self-acceptance.

On her journey to share her passions through yoga, Giesel incorporates her Garifuna and Creole culture, yoga philosophy, and awareness to attain self-love.

Giesel specializes in Vinyasa Krama Yoga, which is a flowing sequence of asanas linked by breath and intention.

She is a registered member of the National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers.

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